Freddie Cerva is a specialist SEO Consultant in London, also servicing Birmingham, Manchester, the whole UK and worldwide markets. He specialises in technical SEO and organic website traffic growth that reduces the cost of PPC expenditure and ensures an increase in the ROI.

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Technical SEO, Website Troubleshooting, Analysis & Insights

I have a strong practical background in technical SEO, understanding of website architecture, structure and able to identify technical on-site threats and weaknesses that affect search engine rankings.
Troubleshooting is a strong point which helps me solve complex search engine indexing and crawl issues, giving recommendations on how to improve SEO organic search performance and a wide range of other website issues.
My technical SEO expertise and experience helps me work with and advise web developers, coders and designers on the technical SEO requirements of a website.
When required I prepare detailed website architecture and URL structure recommendations.
I am extremely competent at technical audits and giving recommendations.
I have a deep understanding of how search engines and web crawlers work and have the ability to translate this into actionable SEO recommendations.
I continually communicate technical SEO issues, directing and managing all on-site audits and implementations to ensure SEO best practices are followed and adhered to across multiple website’s domains and subdomains.
I am a technical SEO/SEM evangelist, directing and managing all on-site audits and implementations to ensure SEO/SEM best practices are followed and adhered to across multiple domains, subdomains and other online assets.
On-site SEO

There are many on-site factors that could be harming the performance of your website in the search engine rankings.
On-site issues like similarity issues between web pages within a website, especially a website’s home page and other pages within a website could be the cause for low or non-existent search engine rankings.
I work towards making a website search engine friendly.
After on-site search engine optimisation issues are resolved a website should start ranking for certain search phrases.
I continually work on fine tuning a website’s on-site SEO.
I also recommend and implement best practice on-page SEO improvements, header tags, titles, image optimisation, internal linking structures, alt text, menu structure, meta tags, html, sitemaps, redirects, geo-targeting, domain management, hosting / DNS configuration, database/dynamic generated pages, analysing and plan internal website anchor link strategies,
Identify and repair on-site shortfalls and improving the on page SEO including identifying and working towards correcting duplicate content issues.
Advising on and assisting in the implementation of website content SEO.
Do and advise on keyword / search phrase research and selecting search phrases.
Advising and assisting the staff, website designers, web developers stakeholders and team members with landing pages and the optimising these landing pages.
I am comfortable in overseeing the production of easy-to-understand SEO content and offer ideas to content writers.
Off-site SEO

Identifying offsite threats and work towards eliminating these threats.
Analysing and planning inbound anchor link strategies.
Establishing possible negative offsite SEO attacks targeting a website and dealing with these issues in collaboration with stakeholders.
Planning and implementing offsite linking strategies which includes advice on social media activities.
Advising or implementing adjustments on websites and off-site activities whenever search algorithms require it.
Competitor analysis, benchmarking the SEO performance against peers.
Conduct keyword research to identify opportunities and improvements
Proven track record in implementing off-site changes to benefit SEO.
Optimising campaigns across online acquisition channels.
Please note: Link building has become a very delicate process after the Panda and Penguin updates in Google.
Ongoing SEO

Doing ongoing evaluation of search phrases and competitors.
Communicating new requirements and knowledge transfer where required.
Periodic SEO reporting. I continually monitor the successes in rankings and working on improving weaker results.
Continual monitoring for possible negative offsite SEO attacks on websites and dealing with these issues in collaboration with stakeholders.
Doing ongoing link building as and when required.
Working with staff and management and advising on article and press release writing to ensure they are, SEO and search engine friendly.
International SEO

I have experience in working on international SEO campaigns, multilingual websites and multilingual SEO (English, Russian, Greek, Chinese, Swedish, German, Farsi, etc.) and major search engines including Google, Baidu, Yandex and Bing/Yahoo.
I have a strong understanding of international SEO key ranking factors: TLD’s, URL structure, etc
User Experience

Continually investigate website user experience and testing calls to action which is crucial to the commercial success of websites and other online assets.
Customer/Client Profile Targeting

Build segments/personas for each market to target appropriate prospects.

I am a strategic thinker, confident when analysing, interpreting and manipulating key data and trends. Always looking at new, creative and progressive ways to increase market share, reduce costs and increase revenue.
My focus is always to build and deliver a local and where needed an international tactical SEO and marketing strategy to increase exposure and search engine rankings to drive organic growth and search results covering both onsite and offsite activities by balancing short term tactics with a long term strategy.
Developing and setting the SEO strategy across target markets and customer profile groups.
Building the content and events strategy with an integrated delivery plan to establish a thought leadership position through targeted subject areas.
Defining, promoting and managing a global approach to SEO and PPC and improve KPI’s, where required.
I take a hands-on approach where necessary, particularly with technical and higher-level campaign planning processes and strategies.
Communicating the SEO activity and strategy to various stakeholders of the business.

I pro-actively identify opportunities for organic search improvement and cultivate a roadmap of changes, also identify new online business opportunities, new territories, new markets and profile groups to target and communicate these to stakeholders within the business.

I have strong strategic and creative mind set, devising innovative ways to increase visibility and ranking. I always work towards success in driving consumer acquisition and finding new avenues for driving brand revenue and visibility. I am able to come up with new and creative approaches and think outside of the parameters of a brief to achieve results. I am always devising creative and innovative campaigns to drive user traffic to increase acquisition. Present ideas and get buy in from multiple stakeholders.
Reporting and Measurement (Tracking, KPI’s, ROI, Opportunities)

I prepare SEO reports for the stakeholders, management, team members and myself. This is essential for forward planning and strategy.
I am a natural problem solver with a highly numerate, analytical and creative mindset, very comfortable with using large data sets and quantitative analytical skills to drive decisions.
I am data driven and hungry to see where efforts are having an impact and the effect it has on ROI.
I am always very aware of profit and loss analysis for the SEO and marketing strategy across multiple channels, always striving to determine the results of sources.
Strong analytical skills with knowledge of various tools and packages such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Extremetracking and other SEO analytics tools.
Performing effective and thorough analytics of all marketing activity, measuring effectiveness and optimising all campaigns.
Develop ways to track and monitor search performance in multiple search engines and regions.
Sources tracking: consistently determining the sources of traffic and conversions.
Defining key metrics that drive SEO performance and translating these into meaningful objectives for each website and/or department.
I have a strong understanding of ROI for SEO and SEM campaigns/projects, and analysing performance.
Identifying and prioritising quick wins/opportunities where possible.
Always testing for example landing pages, bids, creative etc.
Excellent reporting skills and communicating analytical data to stakeholders.
Present regular KPIs reports to senior and other stakeholders.
I always strive to define SEO success metrics, develop the reporting, and communicate performance and insights that show progress toward program KPI’s involving customer data.
I strive to produce evidence that projects are being run effectively, to budget and to target with on-going optimisation being carried out, also reflecting weaknesses and areas for improvement and translating this information that can support management.
Hands on conducting of audits and site implementations across the various web assets.
Report on keyword popularity, competitor behavior and traffic patterns.
Report on SEO performance and tracking trends.
Use a range of tools to audit, monitor, evaluate, report and address issues.
Using data and analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of incremental changes to drive decision making, the optimisation processes and reporting on effectiveness of the strategy.
Annual SEO Targets: I participate in planning of annual targets and goals.

If required I oversee the re-design of websites for SEO purposes.
Develop and prioritise the product road map with all stakeholders, define timings and KPIs for short, mid and long term deliverables.
Develop innovative and profitable outreach strategies using such tactics as guest posting, PR, social media, widgets and whitepapers, leverage link-bait tactics utilising in-house content, creative and video assets to generate profitable SEO and brand footprint.
Develop productive relationships with key internal departments and help develop new revenue opportunities through matching client/profile group needs to resources and facilitate introductions.
Develop relationships with necessary external agencies on relevant client businesses to ensure integrated approach in supporting their KPIs.
Developing an efficient team of content marketers focused on a range of organic search and brand KPIs.
Developing and presenting technical site audits, keywords analysis, landing pages recommendations and action plans.
Developing guidelines and KPIs to measure success, learning from past campaigns and using this insight to better future campaigns
Developing KPIs and reporting on SEO effectiveness and its contribution to growth (both search engine visibility and traffic/conversion).
Developing, managing and executing a content calendar and plan across digital and traditional channels.
Development and execution of multi-channel marketing campaigns with the focus on increasing customer acquisition and retention.
Development of existing and new relationships with third parties to enhance brand visibility.
Development of teams.
Motivate web development priorities and optimization efforts, as required.
Make data driven decisions for multiple markets.

I am able to lead the full SEO strategy from concept creation through to implementation and optimization. Lead and motivate the company/client(s) in their understanding of SEO/SEM services and delivery – with a progressive model of SEO, insight, creative and content services through knowledge transfer, research creative and sometimes unique solutions.
Provide leadership across functional areas to foster new ideas, cultivate concepts and create actionable next steps for implementation. Ability to influence, motivate and develop relationships with a wide range of partners and individuals. Promote SEO and online ambitions to internal/external stakeholders/teams.
Thought leadership in SEO

I believe by sharing knowledge that collectively we can all create a better industry.

Internet Marketing Checklist

Website Checklist

Training and Mentoring

I am confident and influential with a natural ability to teach and educate others. I believe that by empowering people and transferring knowledge my work gets easier. I advocate and mentor SEO principals, concepts and best practice throughout the business, including reporting to senior stakeholders on ROI and KPI’s.
I proactively mentor, empower and manage the development of the SEO stakeholders, development teams, marketing teams, content writers, PR teams, website developers, website designers, directors, managers, executives and staff including remotely based stakeholders.
I believe in educating individuals and clients with SEO principals and to understand how the digital landscape works.
Team development is a continuous process. Recommendations for changes are generally done in an educational way to stakeholders and participants.
SEO/SEM Knowledge Transfer

Wherever possible I educate/mentor clients/team members/stakeholders and their staff on SEO/SEM issues so that they can contribute to the SEO/SEM process on a continual basis. I always endeavour to teach in a layman manner so that technical issues can be understood by most people.

I have the management skills to directly and indirectly encourage, motivate a team of employees, coordinate workflow, delegation and the prioritisation of a demanding work load.
I continually influence website development to maximise organic search engine rankings and visitor engagement to increase profitable actions.
I understand many complex business capabilities and SEO/SEM requirements and can translate these into technical and non-technical implementation activities.
I also manage all aspects of SEO/SEM efforts, whilst building and developing where required a search engine optimisation team and related resources, including building and overseeing a long term SEO plan for growth, which includes – link building, best site structure for SEO/SEM, content management, manage redirects to preserve link equity and ensure 404’s are minimised, auditing of own and competitors websites and building models for best SEO practice for future growth.
Manage the briefing process and work flow of specialist teams to ensure accurate and timely delivery of work.
Support and manage search marketing management teams in all aspects of SEO, PPC and social media marketing.
Management of in-house and external content.
Management of in-house and external graphics to compliment SEO efforts.
Management, monitoring and reporting of all activity using SEO and analytics tools.
Managing and mentoring team members, management and other stakeholders.
Management of third party agencies and affiliates.
Managing the search marketing and SEO budget based upon ROI’s.
I am able to be responsible for time management, productivity and the well-being of all team members, including establishing and managing regular status meetings to discuss issues, workloads and opportunities.
I am able to supervise a programme of continuous customer and competitor research to feed marketing activity and product development.
Communication Skills

Communication with top management: I prefer having direct communication with top and middle management stakeholders who are decision makers in the business. This is essential because the website is one of most important business drivers and assets.
I have the ability to demonstrate the cause and effect of SEO/SEM initiatives, and clearly communicate complex subjects to all areas of the business.
I am confident liaising with external agencies and the relevant stakeholders for example project managers, web development, coders, web designers, account directors, top management, middle management, etc.
With years of experience as a consultant I have excellent communication and stakeholder management skills. I am able to communicate and transmit technical language into easy to understand communication to various stakeholders. This helps me to drive insight and communicate findings to key stakeholders in the business.
I always endeavor to communicate SEO activity in as much as possible non-technical manner to stakeholders within the business.
I am an empathetic communicator with the ability to be diplomatic and with confidence to challenge where necessary.
Collaborate with stakeholders and management to align strategies on best practices.
I am a strong communicator, both written and verbally, with strong presenting skills and an interest in stakeholders interactions.
I am an advocator of regular development, sales and marketing meetings to track against the revenue plan and taking corrective actions as necessary.
I am able to regularly liaise with stakeholders, to ensure an integrated approach is taken to projects supported by KPI’s.
I believe in stakeholders satisfaction via formal and informal feedback.
Team Work and Team Development

I have a solid SEO/SEM experience, including experience in motivating and guiding/consulting management and teams including content, PR & tech teams.
I can create and develop a stimulating and challenging working environment for team members.
I can work alongside a number of internal departments, building strong relationships and cultivating new business opportunities by collaborating to find creative solutions to meet business needs and sourcing the necessary resources to do so.
I prefer to work closely with and motivating department heads to ensure consistency in the building of a sales and marketing pipeline.
I aim to work in close partnership with teams to maintain a coherent, relevant and compelling set of customer journeys from first contact through to sale and repeat sale.
I am able to work with teams to conduct landing page optimisation to drive further acquisition.
I know how to work with lead generation teams and sales management to optimise end to end performance from a cost and UV (Unique Visitors) to the sale perspective.
I also work with the marketing and sales to identify short, medium and long term commercial goals.
I am able to work with platform development teams to ensure new site initiatives are built in accordance with SEO/SEM best practices.
I prefer to work closely with the content marketing team to develop content that fits in with the overall SEO/SEM strategy, advising them on best practices and what content works well in the SEO/SEM context.
It is important for me to work closely with SEM teams to identify organic opportunities and with product and development teams to advise and oversee site changes and technical SEO requirements.
I am able to work with external freelancers and internal design teams to create compelling and engaging content, including video, image, audio and text.

Freddie Cerva is a specialist SEO Consultant in London, also servicing Birmingham, Manchester, the whole UK and worldwide markets. He specialises in organic website traffic growth that reduces the cost of PPC expenditure and ensures an increase in the ROI.

He has experience in SEO Consultancy for B2C online shopping, real estate, finance, travel and hotel industry websites.

Freddie Cerva – Freelance SEO Consultant Europe, Freddie Cerva is a SEO Expert servicing EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Besides being an SEO consultant he has deep understanding of technical SEO and internet marketing, focusing on creating larger internet market share for clients. He is a freelance SEO Consultant that is able to optimise multi-lingual websites.

His unique skill set includes the ability to continually adapt to changes in Google and other search engines, to access and determine search engine trends, and the fact that he has remained up to speed with each of these changes, has allowed his clients to remain on the top spots in the search engine results pages.

His experience in these specific areas has allowed him to acquire the ability to accurately determine whether adaptations to a site should be made or not in response to the changes in the search engine algorithms. It is unquestionable that he is able to create a larger market share for a website and company in the search engine results.

His capability in spotting weaknesses in the way a website is constructed and composed is faultless, and he uses this capability in helping his clients to gain more consumer/visitor response.

With all of his hard work in making sure that his clients stay on top of the search engine rankings, either for their website and/or company, he has achieved outstanding results. Every client’s company and/or website have gained excellent exposure which can only benefit them in every way.

Born in South Africa and his Italian Nationality, travelling around the world to the USA and all over Europe, and then eventually locating to Cyprus and now in Essex UK, also servicing clients in London but the whole UK. He has been able to gain a greater understanding of extremely different cultural societies, thus allowing him to gain information on what is most popular in that society, search engine wise, and how a company and/or website can increase its popularity and visibility within the society and, of course, worldwide.

He has been able to open the gate and reveal the pathway for his clients to travel that road to success, and for this reason, he is recognised to be one of the top experts in this field.

His skill set also includes website troubleshooting, security, architecture and development of websites.