Lead and Sales Call Generation

Consider our Free Setup No Risk Lead and Sales Call Generation for the UK Market.

1. We Get You More Calls!

We will apply our optimisation expertise to generate sales calls to your business.

2. How we do this for you.

We will FREE OF CHARGE optimise your existing Google Business Listing or setup a Google Business Listing for your business.

3. Why are you doing this and how do you make money from this?

We will supply FREE OF CHARGE a 03 phone number that routes to your landline phone number.

4. How we make money from our service…

We charge you a small Lead Generation charge for each sales call you receive from this 03 phone number.

5. How this will benefit your business…

You will pay a low fixed cost per sales call.

6. How this will increase your business…

By us improving the ranking of your business listing in Google and Bing we are sure to increase your opportunity of getting more sales calls.

7. What are the terms and conditions?

a. The setup of this service costs you nothing!

b. All you have to do is agree to pay us a fixed fee per sales call which we monitor in our phone system and bill you weekly.

b. Should you wish to cancel or terminate this service we reserve the right to replace your Google Business listing settings with the original settings, text, etc. and supply it back to you in the original state we found it in before we started our Lead Generation Service. We also reserve the right to allocate your FREE 03 phone number to another business.