Linkedin – Network – Writer, Presenter and Blogger- Faiza Stone

Linkedin – Network – Writer, Presenter and Blogger- Faiza Stone

Faiza Stone is a writer, presenter and blogger with a great passion for writing, Faiza Stone pursued her dream of becoming a Journalist. She started off with a personal blog called Missstone17blog where she wrote articles and slowly but surely made her way into writing for online publications.

In the year 2017 she became a writer for an online magazine publication called North Lifestyle and Entertainment Magazine. Radio also played a major role in Faiza’s career. This comes after she presented sports news live on air at a community radio station called Sosha Fm.

She worked there from 2017 up until early 2018. While working at North magazine Faiza’s talent got noticed and in September 2018 she became a contributor for a second magazine called Campus Connect Magazine which is a campus based magazine.

She recently wrote an article about people living with albinism which was published in a local newspaper called Kasi2Kasi Not only can Faiza write but she makes a great television presenter too and does not shy away from the camera at all.

Faiza recently became an intern at an online private mobile broadcaster company called Joburgtv and has grown ever since. Her main role at Joburgtv is to produce online content. However, she also presents, directs and write sports articles.

Now Faiza like ever blogger, shares all her work on her blog.

Make sure to stay in touch with her and follow her blog (Missstone17blog) at: