We are SEO equipped and able to take care of all your search engine optimisation needs. We identify weaknesses in websites, that include off-site and on-site threats.

On-Site Threats

  • Their are many onsite factors that could be harming the performance of your website in the search engine rankings.
  • On-site issues like similarity issues between web pages within your website, especially your website’s home page and other pages within your website could be a cause for low or non-existent search engine rankings.
  • We work towards making your website search engine friendly.
  • After onsite search engine optimization issues are resolved your website should start ranking for certain search phrases.
  • We continually work to fine tune your website’s on-site SEO.

Off-Site Threats

We establish your website’s off-site threats.
After dealing with these off-site threats and issues your search engine rankings will improve again.

Off-Site SEO

The off-site SEO is strengthened and/or started after all the on-site and off-site issues are resolved.

Ongoing SEO

SEO is not an once off exercise, it is an ongoing process that never stops, as the search engines change their search algorithmic and indexing rules, we have to continually adjust your website’s on-site and off-site SEO to cater for all these changes.